Solutions Architect
21 September 1989

About Candidate

Dedicated and experienced Solutions Architect with a proven track record of designing and implementing complex, scalable, and secure solutions. Seeking to leverage my extensive expertise
in core AWS and Azure services, along with my hands-on experience in solution design to contribute to the success of a forward-thinking organization.



Computer Science 2014
The Polytechnic Ile-Ife

Computer science is the study of how computers work and what they can do. It dives into the software that tells computers what to do (programming languages) and the hardware that makes it all happen (processors, memory). This field explores how to store, process, and communicate information efficiently. Computer scientists design algorithms, which are step-by-step instructions for solving problems, and create software applications that bring these algorithms to life. Beyond the technical aspects, computer science examines the impact of technology on society, including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and the ethical considerations of a data-driven world. It's a constantly evolving field that shapes the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

Computer Technician 2018
Pacific Access

In today’s digital world, a computer scientist is a technical problem solver. Diagnose and troubleshoot computers, laptops, peripherals, and even networks. The toolbox contains a mix of technical skills and problem-solving skills. Com-Tech can detect hardware problems such as failures or overheating. Also prevent software problems like viruses, crashes and compatibility issues. Reinstalling operating systems, setting up networks and recovering data are all part of the process. They often work directly with customers, explaining technical issues in a logical manner. They may also specialize in specific areas such as data security or Apple products. Keeping up with new hardware and software now that you make frequent technical changes is key.

AWS Cloud Solutions Architect 2020

An AWS Cloud Solutions Architect is the mastermind behind secure and scalable solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). They have diverse responsibilities, acting as a designer, engineer, and consultant. Their core skills lie in designing, deploying, and managing cloud architectures. This involves selecting the appropriate AWS services (like storage, computing, and databases) to meet specific business needs. They ensure these solutions are cost-effective, secure, and high-performing. Collaboration is key. They work closely with developers, operations teams, and stakeholders to understand requirements and translate them into a cloud strategy. Ensuring security is paramount, so architects implement best practices and design secure infrastructure. They are continually learning, keeping up with the ever-evolving AWS landscape and staying informed about new services and features. Ultimately, they are the bridge between business goals and a successful AWS cloud implementation.

Frontend Development 2023
Hyper-Island, Stockholm

The web you see and use is built by front-end developers, who are the architects. They build elements that interact and present pages in the website they make. Think of buttons you press, forms you fill in and animations that catch your attention – they come from the work of front-end developers. These include HTML which create foundations for webpages, CSS for styling and layout purposes, as well as JavaScript to add interactivity. Developers may also opt to use frameworks like React or Angular to facilitate development. Frontend developers solve problems creatively. These people transform design mockups into functional codes that satisfy their users’ eyes. Additionally, they ensure their sites fit different devices such as desktops, tablets and mobile phones. It’s a team effort. Frontend developers collaborate with designers, backend developers and project managers to produce real websites and applications. While technology progresses frontend developers adapt to changes by adopting new tools and libraries that can provide the most immersive user experiences possible.

Work & Experience

Solution Architect January, 2024 - March, 2024
Stockholm East Choir

Created a sophisticated choir file manager meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technologies to streamline and elevate the choir's digital experience. This innovative solution combines the power of Next.js for the front-end and leverages the robust Amazon AWS S3 bucket as the back-end storage, ensuring a seamless and efficient choir management system that helps them store music files and plan their day to day schedule, etc

Solution Architect June 2023 - Dec 2023
Reftek Consulting

Assisted in the development of AWS and Azure solutions, utilizing core services like Amazon EC2, Azure Virtual Machines, and Azure Blob Storage. Contributed to the creation of solution architecture documentation, reference architectures, and best practices in Both Aws services and IAM security architecture

Frontend Developer October 2022 - March 2023

I achieved a great feat of helping the medical team fully simplify medical processes, which improved how medical personnel's and patients translate medical processes in turn boost their overall productivity and transparency.