Senior IOT & IT/OT Service Management – Project Manager
28 September 1993

About Candidate

I have completed my education
under 2014 as a Network Engineer and
computer sciences in Damascus
University in Syria.
Moved to Sweden 2015 and I started
to learn language, then I become a
Swedish citizen 2023.
In 2011 started my career with first job
as an IT support. In Sweden 2017 as IT
consultant for a while, then I have
gotten chance to start my career with
big company working more with
industry and IoT.
I have gotten opportunity to work with
so many projects for different clients
under my work period with Oneco
I have worked also as IT Consult
Manager for factory and offices in
Sweden and Denmark.
Consult Manager for BAT Sweden and
Today I am working on LTIMindtree
Sweden IIoT Special Industry, providing
service for Johnson & Johnson –
Kenvue on this role TS Field Site Lead
MLL EMEA part of IT Operation
Management Team in Sweden.
Site based responsible for overall site
infrastructure health, including service
availability, reporting, incident and
service request execution, escalations,
metrics, etc.
Spans Manufacturing Plant.
Accountability for the delivery of
Infrastructure Services Accountability
for Application and platform Build
(Development) and Run (Support)
services, to Supply Chain and R&D.
This will include managing the
monitoring of application and
platform performance and service
health performance metrics.
It includes Technologist who span
multiple technology solutions and
management of global enterprise
team of internal and external
contracted support.
This will include Applications test and
planning and Project managing and
span multiple of QE – TS – ITSM – ITAM –
SVS and resources managing.
Today I have over 12 Years
experience with Infra – PM/PL – IoT –
I have been worked so hard to
achieve my goal to build new skills
and high certifications of Business and
Management, as I found that more
exciting to work on from my
I’m looking forward to having new
Challenge with all motivation and for
sure develop & extract new
Experience and Skills.